First I have to apologize not to write nothing for almost a month. Not that I didn’t craft but, we were renewing some rooms at house and I have full craftroom. Now is all better and I also made little make over of the craft room, I will show you soon how looks like my happy place. 


In these days I made a lot of cards. Now is it possible to get them in our lokar store called Trafika in darila. I am happy to offer them there and are more accessible to the the people.

 Becouse of covid life goes very different now. We usually have ceremonies in church in spring, but now are almost throught all the year. And I made some gift envelopes for communion. I understand, our kids have a lot of staff and we usually give them some gift certificates or money. And this is also nice to packed in something. So I made envelopes in which you can hide monex or cetificate and you also have space to write some nice words.

I remember my communion. All the girls had so nice white dresses like little brides or princesses. That was first time that we wear so nice dresses. We were so proud and happy. 


Were you part of the communion ceremonion? What do you remember from it the most? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for stopping by and see you next time,

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