Past week, I was crafting for some charity event. I am working in a hospital in information department, and felt that I want to make some cards for this event. 


Mr. Borut Rojc will for his 50th birthday run the height of the Mount Everest. And all the money they will collect they will fund for kids from 3rd floor of the pediatric clinic from Ljubljana. Here are kids who have hemato-onko problems. The event will be in Mengeš, 21st August with start at 6 pm. And they will sell cards with teddy bears, because this is their logo. All the money will go to kids. 


World is more beautiful because of you.

 I made few cards to. This was very nice time of crafting with that intention for help. Usually I don’t speak about my charity. But now I invite you to go to the event, you can run with the guy, cheer or maybe you will also find some card you would love. 


The most beautiful things in live you can not see or touch, you have to feel them in the heart.

Cards are mostly for kids. But of course you can also use them for adults.

Hope you like the cards and you are invited to the event.

Thank you for stopping by and see you next time,

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