Weddings are always beautiful events. I love to participate and celebrate love with bride and groom. 


Past weekend, on 8.8.2020 we went on a wedding too. This was nice date and despite all the things they have it. We were outside and in a very nice environment. I actually went like a nanny to my 7 weeks old nephew. He is such a sweet and very well behave boy. 

My sister bought very interesting gift to them. It was little book with ideas and suggestion where you can go on a trip or what you can do together. Sometimes we are without idea and this is very nice gift. It can connect couple even more. 


Of course sister wanted also a card, and she wanted to put book into something. They are young and daisy is perfect for young people. Their color is blue, and on wedding is something blue and also they have gold rings. So I decided to combine all that together in a nice card and gift bag. 

I love how it turned out! What do you think? 

Do you like weddings? What do you like the most about that?

True love can not be found. True love is build. One kiss. One hug. Day by day.


Have a day full of love!

Thank you for stopping by adn see you next time,



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