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Do you craft too? Any kind of crafts, sewing, paper crafting, knit, crochet… How did you start?
I started when I was very young. Started with some drawings, of course, but they weren’t very good. I had never had much grip in my hands for that. Once when I was older I draw smurfs, I was watching picture and recreate it, even mother didn’t believe that I draw it 🙂 When I was young there was no computer and Internet, so I was searching for different ideas in books. I found many different books in our library, one of them was also with origami. I created different things in origami technique. 
Now many years later I tried this again with men’s shirts which I then used on cards. Now my crafts are more paper crafting (cards, albums, …), crochet, bobbin lace and sewing.
When I saw this beautiful stamp set Ori Kami from Altenew I fall in love with these butterflies, first because they are so different and also because the origami technique. It reminds me on my young age.
I used them for my course Sentiment with impact at Altenew educator certification program, for which today I made two different cards, both with these beautiful butterflies.
First I heat embossed bunch of butterflies on some scraps of watercolor paper. They are small and that way I can use small leftovers of that paper. I colored them in light colors from Pretty in Peach set, I used Blush and Peach Perfect ink. Then I cut them all out.
I wanted that sentiment is the focal point of the card. And because the butterflies are so beautiful I didn’t want to add too much other staff, that the focus will stay at the sentiment and butterflies.
I splash some drops of the same colors I used for butterflies and a little bit of gold drops too on the card base. Then I cut out white circle with scallops and heat embossed gold sentiment. I use sentiment from Altenew’s Wings of hope stamp set. I choose the sentiment about caterpillar and butterflies which goes perfectly with those butterflies.  I put circle on the foam and glue it down on the card base. Then I took three butterflies and lift a little their wings and glue them with adhesive foam too. And the card was finished.
For the second card I first cut out the rectangular in beige color with scallop border. In the middle of rectangular I cut out the sentiment thanks from Enchanted Iris die set, but I didn’t remove it right away.
I prepare gold glitter rectangular slightly bigger than beige one. I turn the beige paper around and put foam adhesive on the back and liquid glue on the back of the sentiment. And then glue on the gold one.
Because the paper was on the foam and sentiment didn’t I press sentiment down that I get more dimension. Because I didn’t remove sentiment right away I didn’t need to deal with positioning, it was already on the right place. Then glue butterflies with foam around the sentiment. And the card is finish. I absolutely love both of the cards. Even if there is not so much staff on them, I think that they are beautiful. Sometimes I think that less is more.
Do you like those cards? Did you ever do origami? I would love to hear from you, please leave the comment below.
Thank you for stopping by and see you next time,
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