Comfort zone

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Sometimes we have to stop out of our comfort zone. We fall in to the path were we are almost on auto pilot, repeating same thing over and over again. Even for our brain is good to do sometimes what we don’t do often, to do something on different way. Something what our brain does not expect us to do.

I am not good at drawing or coloring. Even when I am water coloring, I have a big struggle with shadows, but I did almost figure out this to combine different water color media. But sometimes we have to try to do something different, and step out from our comfort zone. That I did with creating this card.

In Altenew’s course With a twist we were challenged to use layered stamps different. On that card I use only outline for hydrangea and leafs. I stamp it with grey color, also on grey paper and then I use different shades of grey color pencils. I was playing around with them and I think it came out pretty nice colored hydrangea. I also use gray color, which I would probably not use for card. I soften it with light lilac paper. I use shiny silver frame and emboss sentiment with silver to. For some more dimension I put hydrangea on the foam and make some silver drops around. I am very satisfied how I colored hydrangea and how it turned out.

With what did you step out form your comfort zone lately?

Thank you for stopping by and take time, see you next time,

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  1. I like it when people step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Glad you tired this! I love how the card turned out! Awesome job!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery.

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