Papirčkanje od A-Ž (third week)


There were out last week of Marina’s live sessions on her FB page. You can find all the videos on her page She explain a lot of useful techniques and create beautiful cards. She share a lot of good tips too. It was nice time to spend with her and other crafters. And there were also a lot of beautiful cards been created through this three weeks. An below are my for last week.

 This was waiting for us one April morning. I am going to work, despite virus. Our neighbors is kindergarten, but kids are now at home, but teachers from time to time come to check the place. And they give us very nice note on the window. They write poem from Slovenian writer about rainbow, if I try to translate it, would go like that: Rainbow is not because of sun, not even because of rain. There is path, through comes to heart something nice.
This are those nice things which makes our hear warmer, and days beautiful. I made a card for them, to thank. Their group is called windmill, so I made card with them and put some of them also inside of the card.

For all the other cards my inspirations were tulips. In Slovenia we have a big park were every year there bloom thousands and thousends of tulips. This year they bloom only for nature itself, because it is locked up, but they bloom in their peace now. It obviously have to be like that. That nature will start to breath with full lungs again.

I think that no other words are needed today. I will just let you to enjoy in the beauty of my cards. Hope you like them as much as I do. 

Have a good day!

Thank you for stopping by and see you next time.

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