Hello gorgeous


Hey gorgeous! Hope you know you are gorgeous all the time. Even if there are days when you don’t feel like that, know that there is someone for who you are gorgeous all the time. We are all perfect in our own imperfection. Imperfection makes us perfect and gorgeous. Never forget that. And always do the best you can.

This is my third card for third lesson of All about layering 1 class. For this one I use more vibrant colors, love this magenta pink color. I used the Spring daisy stamp set, which I get for gift from my friend Marina for participate in Altenew Educator Program. I love also how stand out the sentiment on black paper. Usually I don’t use black paper, because I think that people around me don’t like that and say that it remind them on dark days. Otherwise I love this like that, because I think that this give to the sentiment more stand out look. To add a little more colors to the card I also paint the border in same color like daisies. Hope you like that card too.

Hey gorgeous hope you day is nice and full of flowers.

Thank you for stopping by and see you next time,


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