The beauty of the gifts


We just give away all the Christmas and New year gifts and there is almost Valentine’s day.  For some people finding perfect gift is very stressful. But is buying or making gifts really that hard? Some people really have everything, but they are still happy if they get something. Gift doesn’t need to be always some expensive thing. Little things matters usually the most. We all love something with bigger meaning. The time we spent with people is the most precious, and that is the biggest gift. And if you really need to give something are handmade gifts always good idea, either you make it or someone else did. This gifts are also always very special.

Last year I also receive some homemade gifts. Scarf is from my husband, he want to crochet it by himself but he didn’t crochet for a long time and didn’t go as he planned. And then my mother in law step in which loves to crochet and she is making wonderful scarfs and blankets. It will for sure keep me warm whole winter, and every time I will put it on I will remember them both.

And this is from my best friend, which is also crafter. She made me bullet journal. I will use it to write down orders and ideas. Isn’t it beautiful? Now I just have to come up with some idea how to protect it in my purse.

And my neighbor which love to cook, invites all friend to “a drink” which turn out to be dinner. She was enjoying cooking and time she spend with us. And we loved it too.

So for the January theme “gift” for Christmas Card Throwdown I made card below. I was thinking how to use this elf with gift and come up with idea to make shaker card. Hope you like it 😉

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