Altenew cardmaking workshop

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So with writing this post there is the end of my Altenew educator certification program. On Saturday I had workshop where we made 3 different cards. There was a lot of fun and also some challenges. 

 When participants came I gave them brief introduction and told them that I am participant of AECP and in part of it I prepare this workshop. 


Week before I prepare program for workshop and made list what we will do, who I will invite and also what all we will need. Then I made actual cards to see how this will go. 



I decided that we will make one Christmas card, this time will be soon here and then two birthday cards, one for female and one for male. 

 So when participants came and after brief introduction we started with first card. First we mad Christmas card. We tapped different green water color ink cubes on foil and spry it with water. After this reaction all colors mixed together, and we were taking color with paper. When we had result we were satisfied with, then we dry it out. Then we took stamps and heat embossed gold Christmas tree from the Night before Christmas stamp set.

After that we cut out from gold glitter paper sentiment winter wishes and gold star. 

We glue the sentiment down with Multi medium matte glue, because it dries out mat and is not seen where it peaks out. Star we put on with foam for a little dimension. Then we put double-sided tape in behind and glue it on the card base. And the cards were ready.

One participant touch gold embossed tree too soon after it was melted and there were a little strip. I help her to repair this and took Versa mark pencil and go through the stripes, then she put more embossing powder to it and melt it with hot gun and there wasn’t seen nothing. 

Then we move to the second card, where we tried layering stamping and background die cutting. We first cut out big Mandala die from Altenew for the background. When we cut out mandala Sizzix stop working again. We didn’t use too thick paper, but it did again. I realize then that adapter want to make a little fun with me. I am crafting a lot and use it a a lot and it is a little bit old, maybe it is time for new one. But I had one part of the mandala in my craft room and went and pick it up. And when they were stamping I manage to make Sizzix work again and one girl just use embossed paper with mandala. That look very pretty too. 

 Stamping part took us the most of the time, because we did layer stamping. And girls did it for first time. Two girls use Camellia and two Dahlia blossoms stamp set from Altenew. And also different sades of ink cubes from Altenew.


I left girls a little of free hands with some things that their creativity came out too. It is totally ok that all cards not look the same, everyone is unique. 

 After we stamped flowers we cut them out with coordinating die and glue some foam on the back. Then we stamped sentiment then we started to put card together. First we glue mandala on green paper and cut off the execs, then glue this on card base and then put on and glue sentiment and flowers. And the card was finished.

This is one of the participant’s card. Isn’t it stunning? And she was the first time doing it.

Making this card took us a little longer. But I am happy that we tried out layering stamping. This stamping is not easy until you don’t realize what you have to watch out. I was afraid of it at first too, but now love to do it. There came out really beautiful creations.

Then we move to our third, masculine card. I decided to show them bokeh technique. This is very simple and nice technique which can be use on cards for different occasions.

First we made bokeh background and leave it to dry. In between we stamped ice creams and muffins from Way to sweet stamp set and colored them with Distress inks. This was the first time they were water coloring, so we didn’t care about the shadows. Then we cut them out and put foam on the back. Then we dry the background with hot gun. Usually I leave it to dry through the night. And then we embossed sentiment in black. And glue ice creams and muffins below sentiment or how they wanted to do. Some of them did it a little different, which is totally ok. With that card we finish our workshop. 


I can say that I liked it. My purpose was to show them things which are maybe a little harder but wort to know. I know that we were little longer and some things took us more time than I predict. But it was worth it. I know I could prepare some things in advance, like cut out Mandala, sentiment, ice creams… or made only two cards. But then they would not experience stamping, cutting, embossing… all the fun staff. I can remember wows from melting embossing powder. I think that workshop is not just put card together but much more. And Altenew have so good staff to work with and explore it. If I look myself I was refusing to use some techniques because nobody did never show me and didn’t have courage to try it out by myself. And they love it too, which is the most important.

AECP program was very very good program for me. It was kick in my ass 🙂 As a crafter think that I sleep a little and it brings new freshness in my crafting. I learned a lot of new things and also refresh some knowledge and upgrade it. I also start to make a little different cards. And I find new love! I love to make my own backgrounds. I also started to think differently and  think how can I bring the most from the tools, stamps and dies, finding the other ways how to use them.

I would like to thank  Erum and Viriginia from Altenew to take time, to review my work and to virtually be present on the workshop. I am also grateful for patience with me. And I would like to thank to my participants to take time and came on workshop. And also close ones for support.

 This was really nice journey which I hope will lead to another great one.

Thank you for stopping by, take time to read it and see you next time,





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  1. It was such a pleasure, Roteja, to be part of your workshop on Oct. 19th. Although there was slight technical difficulties, all things went very smoothly. You did a superb job in organizing and planning everything. The lesson plans are well thought-out and prepared well in advance. From the laughter of the participants, Erum and I know that you all had a great time! We are so glad that you have such a positive experience with Altenew Educator program. We now can see that you are truly equipped with the skills and knowledge that are required for the program. We'd love for you to spread the love in Slovenia. Thank you so much for your time, hard work and dedication with AECP. Way to go and congratulations!

  2. Dear Virginia, thank you for your replay. I am happy to be part of Altenew educators team. And I am also happy and proud to achieve this goal! Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Roteja! It was such a pleasure to see you live in action and create magic 🙂 It was lovely to watch you in your element with your friends/colleagues and explain to them what you love to do. We are so glad to have someone from Slovenia and would love for you to spread Altenew cheer in your part of the world. I am also very happy that this program was a "kick in a butt" for you hehehe 🙂 Thank you for being part of AECP!

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