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Hot hot summer! Do you have hot summer too? We have hot for a whole week! I love summer, and till this week we didn’t have weather aligned to the summer.
Succulents are flowers which goes so well with summer. Do you know that they are blooming too? Some sorts. I have them home and have beautiful pink flowers. Some people also say that they are good for ear ache. 
So for today I choose Background magic course from Altenew. I love to make my own backgrounds more and more. We can use background stamps or some bigger stamps or some regular stamps… There is so many possibilities. And that way we can create unique cards.
This time I made two cards for Altenew educator certification program. On both I use succulents.

For first card I make background with big stamp with stripes. I use very light pink crisp inks. First I stamp with Blush ink and press paper on the stamp, then I put Pink Diamond on the stamp and rotate paper for 180°. I get nice pattern paper.

And because my fingertips was already full of color I make several papers in advance for other projects. I use different color combinations. That way you have some staff made in advance and can be more cards made quicker.

Then I heat embossed succulent on watercolor paper. Stamp for succulent is from Altenew’s Mega Succulent stamp set. I use gold embossing powder. Then I color it in green. When all dry I cut background and succulent with die with stitches for a little bit more interesting look. First then glue pink background on card base and then on the top of it succulent. For more dimension I use foam tape. In the end I put sentiment Smile from Birthday Greetings stamp set.
Smile! Do you like this card? I love how fresh it looks. You?
So for my second card I use succulent also. I couldn’t resist technique which was used also in video.
I took paus paper and fist heat emboss succulent on it with gold powder. Then I turned it that I saw back and start coloring. This time I try Sharpie alcohol markers which I bought recently for try, to see if I like it.
I use two tons of violet. Then I punch borders from violet paper. One I glue on the bottom and one on the top to connect paus paper with paper for background. On the bottom border I stamp the sentiment “sending birthday hugs”. And card was finished. Probably when I will write in the card it will peak a little bit through paus paper, because there is nothing on the back of the front.
I love this succulent and the colors. Why it would be always green, right? I think that in violet looks good too. And love hot colors turned out. This card is so simple but so beautiful. What do you think?
Thank you for stopping by and see you next time,

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2 thoughts on “Succulents”

  1. These are perfect! I know you love making your own backgrounds so this must such a treat for you! Love those backgrounds you made. Incredible cards!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery.

  2. Thank you Erum! Yes, I really found that passion of making backgrounds. That way cards are even more unique. Sorry for not so good photos…we have rain all week and its dark most of the day…

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