Altered frame (2nd part of 2nd level challenge)


I am sure that we all have bunch of things at home which we don’t like and can be altered. I was searching for my external hard drive and found this cute little fame, but I don’t like the color of it and it is so small that can hardly go any photo in it. So it was just lying in the clutter closet. So with a little bit of magic we can make a lot of beautiful and decorative staff for house, office…

So let’s take the frame and color it first with white acrylic color. This I did twice, because one coat was not cover everything, there was still seen a little bit of brown. Second coat also didn’t cover it totally but that was good enough. We will color it more and it won’t be seen.

I have in mind that this frame could be also for men and that starry night is perfect for dreaming. So I decided that it will be a little bit more in gray, black and silver tones with white combination. So in next step I put a little bit of Distress stain in silver. Then continue with black and some other silver color.

I took some very rough and not good brush, I wanted that it will leave stripes and will not cover nicely. After every layer of the color I left it to dry very well.
Then I continue and it was full moon effect in full bloom  😁

First I realize that my texture paste became so dry and hard that I cannot use it anymore. It was weekend and I cannot go to the store buy new one. What to do?! You can make it yourself.

Recipe for texture paste: mix spoon of corn starch with liquid glue unit it is smooth. If you need texture paste in color then add some color, you can use distress inks, distress stain, alcohol inks… Recommend you to try it first on some paper and if it too fluidly add some corn starch in it or if it is too hard put some more glue.

Be careful how you put color in it… Like I said full moon has party… I decided that I want silver paste and wanted to put silver Distress Stain in it. I was squeezing bottle so hard that cover fly away and color of course too…. so everything was silver and then I was cleaning like crazy… I left it then for the rest of the day and continue next day… Be careful with colors    😉
P.S.: Don’t mind my messy table…it is creative madness…it never stays clean for long…

So when you have your paste in consistency which you want then put and secure stencil on the frame with washi tape and put paste through the stencil. You can use spatula or you can use some old credit cards for example. I decided that I will cover most of the frame with stars but I will make them in opposite corners.

Then careful remove stencil and there will be stars on the frame only where was the gaps. I recommend you to go and wash stencil and tools right away otherwise it can be too hard to clean it and you can damage stencil. Be gentle with it. Then I also put some silver glitter on. I just throw them to the frame and shake it off. Glitters stay on the stars because they were still wet.

In frame, I decided to put some positive sentiment. I use “Follow your dreams” sentiment from Happy dreams stamp set from Altenew. I did heat embossed it. But I could not decide if I want white background or I prefer night sky. So I make both and try it out.

They both look good. But I decided to use white background. I think that it goes better with the frame. Which one do you prefer?

I will put this on a shelf in my craft room that I will remember every time I will look at it that I have to follow my dreams.

What would you like to alter? My next project will be flower pots. I decorate office with some flowers, and they come in pots with minions which I am not really fan of, so I will change them into something else.

So that was my second part of the second level challenge at my Altenew educator certification program. Please let me know in the comment below if you like my frame.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time. See you next time,

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