Ice cream

Summer is coming and also the season of ice cream. Oh, if you ask my husband there is always season for ice cream. I like it to, specially pistachio, good chocolate and also homemade in my blender. I will give you recipe but let my show you my card first.
I made this card for Altenew’s Magical marker techniques course. I had little struggle with this course because I couldn’t find any oft he Altenew’s alcohol markers in Slovenia. I could order them from abroad but in this time of pandemic I decided not to and use what I had at home and really hope that it will be ok.
So for this card I decided to make it like shaker card. I use pink and turquoise marker and made background with making stripes. I use only marker and ruler for background. When I finish with background I realize lines are not straight, but I decided to leave it like that. I cut out white frame and glue foil on that to make a window. I put a little bit of baby powder on inside side of foil to eliminate static. And then I put generous amount of different sequins in the middle of the card and even them a little. On frame I put foam tape and glue fame on the background. I was careful that all the sequins were inside the frame. Then I put white banner in middle of the card. I stamp ice creams from Altenew’s Way to sweet stamp set and colored them with Graphic markers, and put some Wink of Stella glitters on scoops. I cut out ice creams from paper and glue them on banner. It came out fun and pretty card.

So do you have taste now for some ice cream? I make it by myself a lot of times and I am playing with a lot of different flavors. So what you need is good blender, 2-3 frozen bananas, some other frozen fruit like blueberries, raspberries, cherries,… and you blend it all together. That It will go easier you can use cream and whip this first with blender and then add fruit, or you can use a little bit of milk, cow’s or some other one if you are vegan. You can also put some chocolate, it goes really good with raspberries, this I use in ice cream on photo below.
Which ice cream is you favorite? Let me know in comment below.
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