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Most of us are still in isolation and have plenty of time. We can spent this time to think and do some steps closer to our dreams. I am taking Altenew educator certification program and also making some other crafts and taking photos and preparing for my future projects and dreams. Step by step and we will be closer to them. Also planning is one and very important step. I suggest you to look some videos from Marie Forleo for inspiration and help in planning.

So for Altenew’s class called Easy ink blending techniques I made this card. I was thinking what to use, or go with some flower stamping, but then I so this beautiful set of sentiments called Happy dreams, which is so beautiful and I adore it. And I got in my mind connection between dreams and universe. So I made starry night sky with different ink color like yellow, orange, pink, blue, violet and in the end went with black through all of it. Sky is always more interesting when we see stars, so I add that too. First I tried so make some silver stars, but that wasn’t seen so much, so then I add bunch of white. I was thinking hot to put this gorgeous sentiment on the card, I didn’t want to cover too much the sky. I stamp and emboss it on velum. That I kill the darkness of the sky I leave a little wider white border. For some more dimension I put sky on the foam and then glue everything on the card. But still was missing something, so I add some crystals for some extra shine.
Do you like this card? Which dreams would you like to follow?
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