Snowflakes (in embossed impresion)

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In Slovenia we are already kind used to not to have white Christmas. But we are not used to that there is almost February, middle of the winter and there is still no snow. No, I lie, we had snow just that we can say that we saw it. As much I love to have clear roads, I can say that I miss snow. 
I miss catching snowflakes, and enjoying peacefule nature in white coat… 
So this winter till now I was just able to catch snowflakes on cards. And there is one of them.
Do you miss snow to?

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4 thoughts on “Snowflakes (in embossed impresion)”

  1. I love the subtle colours on your card! – Really a great example of how to use this technique! Thank you so much for playing along with us on 52CCT!
    I've been living in France (near the Atlantic coast) for a long time and snow is a very rare phenomenon here! – Sometimes I really miss the snowy landscapes of my native Bavaria!
    Rosi x

  2. Hvala! Malo bo še potrebne vaje, je pa dober izziv. Prav paša probati nekaj novega in mi je veliko veselje ustvarjati in sodelovati pri 52CCT 😉 če sem iskrena sem vas opazovala že kakšno leto ali dve, no pa je sedaj dozorel čas 😉

  3. Hey Rosemarie, thank you for your kind words. It's my pleasure to play at 52CCT. Like I said to Andreja L., I was looking at this challenge for 2 years now. So now obviously time is right and decided to do it 😉 Yes Bavaria have usually some snow, in the beginning of this winter they had it too, if I remember correctly. I live under Alps and we had no snow…yet… it will still come… hope so 😉

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