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Usually we refuse to try something new, unknown, something what we didn’t do yet. That is what is the last challenge of the January at  Christmas Card Throwdown for me. We have to use special technique called embossed impression. Ok, I did already embossed so that shouldn’t be so hard, I thought to myself.  But it didn’t went so smooth as on example video.

So I make three cards. On this one down I cheated. I did embossed it but gold embossing powder didn’t want to stay where it should. So I colored candles and then took the gold pencil and go through the lines with it. I wasn’t satisfied, it’s not what it should be, but after all turned out pretty nice card.

So, my second shot was a little better. I want to try the background die for that. So I pick up one with nice snowflakes and try again. This time went a little better. Embossing powder stay where it should, not a lot, but there are some nice silver lines. Because its background I decide to use different shades of Distress Inks. Then I decide to add more silver to the card, so I used some shimmer silver paper. This one turn out much better. What do you think?

So this are first two. But they say that third time will go better 😉 I will you soon what some out on third one. Till then have a nice day!

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3 thoughts on “Something new”

  1. you did a great job on both but my favorite is the candle. like you I found it a challenge. something new I had never tried or heard of. I guess sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and experiment. we either like and do again or we don't! thank you for playing at 52CCT . Netta

  2. It's nice to try sth new. That way we are a little forced and we really have a challenge. For imagination is for sure good to go from comfort zone. Have a good day! Roteja

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